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Mitchell W. – Shoulder

I am a 22 year old soccer goalkeeper. In June of this year played in Cincinatti for the Minnesota United Reserves. I landed hard on my left shoulder. After multiple MRIs I learned I had a grade 3 SLAP tear (labrum tear). My competitive playing career was in jeopardy because of pain, decreased range of motion, and major instability. After months of semi-effective physical therapy I learned about Prolotherapy. After two (2) treatments I have experienced MAJOR improvements in pain, range of motion and stability!

Today is my third (3rd) treatment, and I have returned to both goalkeeping and intense weight lifting in preparation for the 2016 season. I do not believe I would have had this same degree of improvement without Prolotherapy. Many thanks to Dr Wheaton and his entire staff.

If anyone has any question regarding my results please feel free to contact me! 952-270-7077

Charles D. – Knee, Torn Meniscus

Dr. Mark –

I came to see you back in the summer of 2012 with a torn meniscus. I did about 8 prolotherapy treatments over the course of the summer. By the time I stopped, I had regained almost 90% of the flexibility in my right knee. I was able to return to tennis and many other aerobic activities that I had previously enjoyed. But I was not comfortable running.

I am happy to report that I continued to ice my knee joint and used a TENS unit regularly to keep the blood flowing in that area. Today, I have 100% flexibility in my right knee (I could barely bend it when I first came to see you), and I have been running pain-free for over six months. I am convinced that prolotherapy saved healed my meniscus and got me well on the way to 100% recovery.

When I left the MRI review appointment at TRIA Orthopedics with my results, my doctor asked me if I had my surgeon picked out. I am so glad I came to you instead. Incidentally, my co-worker tore her meniscus at the same time I tore mine. She opted for surgery. After a year, she reported to me that her knee still did not feel right. Today, it still flares up periodically and she has trouble going down stairs. Prolotherapy or surgery? Pretty easy choice if you ask me..

10,000 thank you’s!  You gave me back 100% of my active life–what a gift!!!

Charles D.

Aaron H. – Shoulder, Bone on Bone Pain

When I first came to see Lakeside and Dr. Wheaton, what I really wanted was a shoulder replacement surgery! The bone-on-bone pain in my shoulder was THAT bad. Fortunately, my orthopedic surgeon recommended that I put off surgery as long as possible because at age 43 I had a good chance of out-living the shoulder replacement, but with my diagnosis of advanced osteoporosis-arthritis and life-altering shoulder pain, I needed to do something! I was opposed to cortisone injections and even using NSAIDs over the counter because I knew there were harmful side effects on the body’s systems.

Prolotherapy seemed like a long-shot to me, but other than the moderate cost and my dislike of needles, I could see no down side! After just 3 Prolotherapy treatments on my shoulder, I no longer have the bone-on-bone pain and my sleep is no longer interrupted by pain. I do still have some limitations in my range of motion, but the range I have is much more painless than it was before Prolotherapy.

In my case, I expect to need maintenance treatments over time to keep the joint health up and the pain down, but I am hopeful to put a replacement surgery off for a LONG time, and maybe I will never need it.

Thanks Dr. Wheaton and your wonderful team at Lakeside Sports & Pain Clinic!

Aaron H.