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Paul M. – Hypermobility

To say that “Prolotherapy saved my life” would be an understatement. Having severely injured both TMJ areas in 1997, with extreme difficulty in eating and talking, I found Dr. Wheaton in 2001 and experienced near 100% relief after several treatments.

Due to significant hyper-mobility and laxity in all of my joints, over the years I’ve had my entire spine, pelvis, knees, ankles, shoulders, hips, elbows and various fingers treated, many times..

I am beyond grateful for Dr. Wheaton’s expertise in this miraculoustreatment. Prolotherapy and Dr. Wheaton are truly a God-send.

13 year old Teenager Has an Amazing Testimonial

I was having a bowel problem.  I was unable to control my bowels.  I was seeing another natural therapist who recommended Dr. Wheaton to me.  After two (2) treatments, my control was returning and now after my fourth (4th) treatment I do believe I am fixed.  This has been the greatest joy of my life!  So now I am fixed.  Bowel control has been restored  My anger tantrums are gone.

Dean M. – Sciatica Pain

I was having severe sciatic pain coming from the lumbar region.  The pain was so bad that I was consulting with my physician for recommendations for a spine surgeon.  Then in a casual conversation with Dr. Wheaton, he suggested trying prolotherapy.  After four (4) treatments on my lumbar region the pain disappeared and has been gone ever since which was about a year ago.  The prolotherapy has kept me from under going spine surgery.  I am very thankful to Dr. Wheaton and staff for the relief from pain and a renewed quality of life.

Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have severe chronic pain from decades of rheumatoid arthritis. I tried conventional forms of pain treatments with different pain doctors. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the pain relief needed to help me function on a daily basis. Consequently, I have not been a ‘real’ fan of doctors until, by the grace of God, I met Dr. Wheaton.

We currently live at a time when the patient-doctor relationship is under threat because of insurance company requirements that have shortened the time allowed for doctors to spend with their patients. As a result, quality care has been sacrificed. This is not true with Dr. Wheaton. In addition to being genuinely interested in his patients, he spends the time that is needed to properly treat that pain condition.

From the first appointment, Dr. Wheaton exhibited genuine compassion and wisdom gained through years of effectively treating pain via the methods he uses: Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), electrotherapy, and neural therapy. Combine the treatments that LSPC offers with the compassionate guidance of Dr. Wheaton and the result is top quality medical care–as it should be.

J.H.H. / December 2017