What Are Our Patients Saying?

I had back / leg / foot injuries that were so painful to the point of needing help to get to the bathroom. After about 3 treatments, I was up and walking again. I went from 8 hydrocodone painkillers a day to half of one pill a day ( to help me sleep through the night) by my 6th treatment! Thank you God and thank you Doctor Wheaton!

Paul M.

I had Prolotherapy on my knee following a fall while skiing.  It hurt even going up and down stairs.  After the first Prolotherapy treatment it was 50% better.  After the 2nd or 3rd treatment it was as if no injury at all!

Then I ended up with a frozen shoulder.  I’d gone to chiropractor several times and acupuncture but nothing helped.  So I came back to Dr. Wheaton and once again Prolotherapy was the miracle treatment that fixed me.

Its incredible that something so natural can help your own body recover.

I am very grateful that I’d learned about Dr. Mark Wheaton and Prolotherapy.

I am a true believer and strongly recommend to anyone considering it.

Anita R, 5/14/19

This is the second time I came to see Dr. Wheaton.  I previously came in with pain in my hip.  After a few sessions the pain totally was gone.  Now I am seeing him with tendonitis of my left elbow.  Doing my fourth session today and it feels great.  I am able to lift weights again just like I use to previously.  Its been amazing!

Gary S., 2/21/19

Today is treatment #3 and I have felt so much better with my lower back and knee!  Thank you so much for helping me.

Sharleen P., 8/2018

I am Harry and I am 59 years old.  I almost ended up in a wheel chair, when I was in my early 30s.  I have had just about every join in my body done with Prolotherapy.  I am a farmer so I do a lot of physical labor and now I can do it without pain.  Dr. Wheaton has been a huge part of my recovery.  I don’t know where I would be without him.  One of my sons had an injury when he was 10 years old and by the time he was in his early 20s it was affecting him and he was in pain daily, causing him to also be depressed.  He started getting Prolotherapy and he has given up all the pain meds and is back at his job as a mechanic.  He will forever be thankful for what Dr. Wheaton has done.

Harry A., 8/2018

I had back / leg / foot injuries that were so painful to the point of needing help to get to the bathroom.  After about 3 treatments I was up and walking again.  I went from 8 hydrocodone pain killers a day to half of one pill a day (to help me sleep through the night) by my 6th treatment!  Thank you God and thank you Dr. Wheaton.

Ashley A., 3/2018

I was having a bowel problem.  I was unable to control my bowels.  I have seen another natural doctor and he recommend me to Dr. Wheaton.  After 2 treatments my control was returning and now after my 4th treatment I do believe I am fixed.  This has been the greatest joy of my life.  So now I am fixed, bowel control restored, and anger tantrums I have are gone.

Nathan W. (young teen), 1/2018

I have severe chronic pain from decades of rheumatoid arthritis.  I tried conventional forms of pain treatments with different pain doctors.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get the pain relief needed to help me function on a daily basis.  Consequently, I have not been a ‘real’ fan of doctors until, by the grace of God, I met Dr. Wheaton.

We currently live at a time when the patient-doctor relationship is under threat because of insurance company requirements that have shortened the time allowed for doctors to spend with their patients.  As a result, quality care has been sacrificed.  This is not true with Dr. Wheaton.  In addition to being genuinely interested in his patients, he spends the time that is needed to properly treat that pain condition.  From the first appointment, Dr. Wheaton exhibited genuine compassion and wisdom gained through years of effectively treating pain via the methods he uses: Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), electrotherapy and neural therapy.  Combine the treatments that Lspc offers with the compassionate guidance of Dr. Wheaton and the result is top quality medical care — as it should be.

Jan H., 11/2017

Prolotherapy has been a life changer for me!  Before receiving Prolotherapy, I would be dizzy / sick almost 24/7 which is no way to live.  I am here for my 5th treatment now and am having little to no “episodes”.  Not only has Prolotherapy helped with my symptoms, but it has given me back my quality of life – even better than I remembered from before being treated.  I have been struggling with vertigo for ten years now and to be freed from that is indescribable!

Cortnie C. (19yo), 1/2019

When I first came to Prolotherapy I couldn’t even turn my head without complete dizziness.  After 9 treatments, I can do almost anything and everything I could dream of.  I am so thankful for Prolotherapy and Dr. Wheaton for the miracles he has worked to get my life back to normal.  Thanks for everything.

Cortnie C.(update), 7/2019

After 12+ years of chronic neck pain and headaches, I am finally getting relief.  I tried everything and was searching for anything for relief.  I am so beyond thankful to have found Dr. Wheaton.  I don’t think I am quite 100% yet, maybe like 70% but not dealing with headaches every day of my life is priceless.  Thank you doesn’t seem like enough but thank you Dr. Wheaton!

Michelle K., 3/2019

I had bad neck pain playing golf and hockey since last April.  I had my first Prolotherapy appointment with Dr. Wheaton last November.  After one session my neck is way better.  No more sharp pains ever.  Thanks Dr. Wheaton.  I’m sure glad you are around to fix people even if it hurts.  No pain.  No gain.

Ross H., 1/2019

Before Prolotherapy, I was getting usually 3-4 migraines a week with constant neck in my neck.  After my second treatment, I haven’t had a migraine in over a month and the pain only comes and goes.

Kristi H., 9/2018

After 3 months of excruciating pain from a C8 root nerve prince I broke down and saw an orthopedic doctor.  He recommended cortisone and if infective surgery was next.  I opted for Prolotherapy instead.  After 3 treatments pain was 80% improved.  A couple more treatments and I’m hoping for near complete or even complete resolution.

Larry H., 3/2018

Its 2017 and I’m back again, 13 years later to Dr. Wheaton’s office, only… I’m no in ANY pain (for which Dr. Wheaton treated me for), in 13 years!  No, I’m back because my husband has run the gamete of chiropractic, orthopedic and ice regimens for 2 years.  I’ve known for 2 years he needed what worked for me!!  Prolotherapy!! Now if he had only listened to me!

Victoria & Gene A., 6/2017

I have had two treatments on my neck and have felt significant relief.  My pain was so intense I was sleeping sitting up in a recliner and painful pressure across the back of my head.  I was taking Tylenol or Aleve to handle the pain.  I no longer have any pressure across the back of my head, am back to sleeping at night in my bed, and only a light discomfort in my neck.  I have also been able to resume a light workout program.

Gene L., 6/2017

I am a returning patient for Prolotherapy.  I had it years ago with great results.  Now due to health issues and strong meds, destabilizing my connective tissues, I cam back.  I’ve had daily headaches that I just tried to keep from getting bad.  After one treatment of Prolotherapy in my cervical, upper shoulders and upper thoracic, I have had only one headache in a month. Thank you so very much Dr. Wheaton for all your wisdom, help and expertise.

Rebecca T., 4/2017

I have had arthritis, stenosis, herniated bulging discs for years.  I’ve tried everything with either none or temporary relief.  I’ve had 3 treatments and feel amazing.  Better than I have in at least 10 years.  I can’t thank Dr. Wheaton and his staff enough.

Casey S. (flight attendant), 6/2019

I am a RN who had a work injury in 1994 to my L4-5, S1 causing herniation and a free floating fragment.  I ended up with surgery.  This past December 2018 I felt a “pop” in my back.  I can to see Dr. Wheaton and wish I had years ago!  Prolotherapy has made such a difference for me!  I no longer wake every day feeling “achy” in my low back!  My husband has been a patient going on 2 years for his right ankle and has gained movement and avoided the need for surgery.  His pain is almost gone!  Our 11 year old had treatment to his left ankle for a partial ligament tear!  He did great and is back at being an active young man with new strength and No pain.  I highly recommend Dr. Wheaton and his staff.

Lisa M., 3/2019

I had a herniated disc in my lower back.  Its my L5 disc which has been giving me major sciatic nerve pain in my left leg, to the point that I could only walk a few feet.  This is my 4th treatment now and I am at about 80% recovery.  Prolotherapy has allowed me to avoid surgery.  I noticed improvement after my first treatment.  The injury happened on October 20, 2018 and now I am walking with very little pain and also doing some physical labor.

Daniel K., 1/2019

Prolotherapy has helped my back from going out over the past 5 months.  Beforehand, I wasn’t able to sit or ride in a car for long periods of time.  My back had flare ups over 6 times in the past 4 years and after meds, physical therapy and chiropractor visits nothing seemed to keep these flare ups away.  Since starting Prolotherapy, I am able to enjoy life and activities again and most days pain free.

Krista G., 6/2019

I have bulged discs, fusions and degenerative disc disease.  I was a mess ready for more surgery.  I am on my 4th treatment with Dr. Wheaton and happy to say I am back riding my horses and ready to barrel race them this weekend.  I also had swallowing issues from past fusions and after neural therapy my swallowing is so much better.

Monica Q., 5/2018

I was having sever sciatic pain coming from the lumbar region.  The pain was so bad that I was consulting with my physician for recommendations for a spine surgeon.  Then in a casual conversation with Dr. Wheaton, he suggested trying Prolotherapy.  After 4 treatments on my lumbar region the pain disappeared and has been gone ever since which was about a year ago.  The Prolotherapy has kept me from undergoing spine surgery.  I am very thankful to Dr. Wheaton and the staff for the relief from pain and a renewed quality of life.

Dean M., 1/2018

I had back and leg (sciatic) pain for 10 years.  I tried everything – chiropractic, acupuncture, PT, steroid shots, and even surgery.  I’d get relief for short periods but nothing was a long time solution.  After two Prolotherapy sessions, my back and leg were pain free.  I did four treatments in all for this problem and its been 18 months since and I feel great!  I get occasional twinges of pain, or a day when my back feels stiff, and I’m still careful about lifting and what kind of chair I sit in, etc. but I am pain-free because of Prolotherapy.  Amazing!

Deb N., 5/2017

I came in about three months ago in tears because my shoulder was in so much pain.  I’ve had 3 treatments and my 4th today.  My shoulder has regained enough freedom that it has made me realize that my other shoulder is in need of help also.

Dan M., 5/2017

I have had both shoulders worked on by Dr. Wheaton with great success.  I couldn’t even put a plate in the cupboard because of the weakness and pain from injury and now I am able to do pull-ups again and play the sports I love… hockey, tennis, golf and water skiing!  And I can still compete at a pretty high level, especially for my age (56).  Now I am working on my knee!

Sue S. , 6/2017

I had pain in my arm, neck shoulder and wrist for over 10 years.  I was told by my general physician there was nothing that could be done.  I was told to just take Advil for the pain.  I’ve had 5 Prolotherapy treatments and feel SO MUCH BETTER!  The pain and weakness are almost completely gone!  I highly recommend Dr. Wheaton – its all worth it.

Wendy J., 5/2017

My first appointment at Lakeside with Dr. Wheaton had me with a locked right shoulder.  Through treating both arms with Prolotherapy I am slowly recovering both arms to almost 80% usage and still getting better.  I have no doubt that I will regain my arm strength back to 100% usage.  I thank the Lord for being led to Dr. Wheaton and his gift of medicine through the help of Prolotherapy and how it can heal muscles, tendons and locked shoulders.  A longer process but very necessary and I am very thankful to Dr. Wheaton and the Lord.

Mark F. , 8/2017

Its been 6 years since I had Prolotherapy done.  I came back today to have my elbow treated since I have always had good experience from previous treatments.  Dr. Wheaton had treated my injuries from car accidents 20 years ago (neck and lower back chronic pain), as well as a sprained ankle.  A look forward to a speedy recovery for my elbow injury.


I came for my “tennis elbow” and torn rotator cuff.  Great improvement with the elbow and slow improvement with rotator cuff.  I will work on my osteoarthritis in the other shoulder next.  Great alternative to surgery and meds.

Jenell, 10/2017

I started seeing Dr. Wheaton 3 months ago.  Today was my 4th treatment.  When I first came my shoulder was in so much pain.  I could not use it at all.  After 3 treatments I had much improvement and no pain.  Pain was a big problem NOW I’m 80% improved!  I’m having neck issues so am being treated for that also.  Its a slower process.  I’m very thankful for the help I got.  Thanks Dr. Wheaton!

Maynard L., 11/2017

Prolotherapy has improved strength and mobility and reduced pain levels considerably in my wrists.  It improved stability in my neck.  My elbows are improving as far as less pain.  I have had many treatments on my wrist but I hope to have more improvement yet.  Don’t give up to soon on your treatments!

Bonnie I.

My son injured his elbow during wrestling.  After treating his elbow with chiropractic care and electrotherapy with no results, we were referred to Dr. Wheaton.  After 2 rounds of Prolotherapy, his elbow is healed.  There is absolutely no pain and he is back to wrestling.

Amanda H.

I injured my shoulder when I fell off a truck and couldn’t use my right arm at all and after 4 treatments I feel great and I can work and do everything like before!  Thanks Dr. Wheaton.

Tim R., 3/2018

My left shoulder was immobilized with pain.  I did therapy here for a little over a year.  Now a year past and it is amazing.  My shoulder feels structurally strong… so far 100% pleased.  Here for the right shoulder today and looking forward to this treatment.

LeAnne W., 6/2019

I had knee pain in both but more in the right.  I had doctors tell me I would probably need replacement at some point.  I received Prolotherapy in both knees and felt better after one treatment.  I received 2 more treatments in the right knee over the next 12 months and they feel great.  Before the treatments I had trouble giving up and down stairs at home.  Now I honestly can run the steps!  I recommend Prolotherapy without hesitation.

Tom P., 5/2019

I had Prolotherapy done to my hips in 2017, my hip was having a lot of pain and would let me down when I went up or down steps.  I would have pain with every step but after Prolotherapy I now run and can do steps 2 at a time.  I am 66 years old and am so thankful.  I need not fear having surgery for hip replacement.  I will count on Prolotherapy!

Miriam M., 4/2019

Diagnosed with a MRI on my knee, they found a torn meniscus, ligament, bone on bone, loose bodies, and arthritis.  I was told I was a candidate for knee replacement.  I heard about Prolotherapy.  I thought it was worth a try.  The first treatment almost scared me off as I definitely didn’t get better.  A couple of more and a PRP treatment as of today.  Combined with some powerful players from some wonderful friends, I would say my knee is 90% better.  No pain at all. Except normal discomfort when I kneel.  I am going for my last treatment today!!  Thank you for my life back.

Jim A., 9/2018

So much improvement in the hip area I can step out of a car without pain and proceed to walk without pain.  Saving me from hip surgery.

Bart B., 9/2018

I am getting Prolotherapy on both knees and my neck.  I feel a lot of improvement on my neck and some improvement on the knees.  The ability to walk easier is such a blessing!  4th treatment today!

Carol N., 9/2018

After my 6th treatment on my knees I’m able to walk, climb stairs, do some lifting, use a power saw without pain.  This is much better than having knee replacements.  After 2 lumbar treatments there are no more back spasms.

Ralph S., 8/2018

After the 5th treatment I couldn’t believe the change for the good.  I didn’t even think about my knee anymore because the pain was basically gone.  I’m looking forward to playing tennis again!

J.T., 2018

I injured my knee playing basketball and could not bend or straighten it for 10 days.  I saw Dr. Wheaton and got Prolotherapy!  I could walk the next day!!  Now, 4 weeks later, I have little pain and am doing another treatment.

Megan H., 2018

After injuring my knee, I had one Prolotherapy treatment and was able to walk without pain within 48 hours.  I am having another treatment today to increase strength!

Pam W., 7/2018

I’m 70 years old and love tennis.  The last 2 years I haven’t been able to play because of arthritis in one knee.  I’ve had 3 treatments of Prolotherapy and am seeing an appreciable difference.  Plus walking up and down stairs isn’t painful anymore,.

Jeanne T., 5/2018

I’ve had pain in my right hip off and on for several years.  I started to have discomfort/pain in my knees.  I was concerned I would end up needing surgery at some pint.  I am much improved and very happy.  Thank you… Thank you Dr. Wheaton and I praise God too!

Gloria O., 5/2018

I had knee pain for years relying on pain meds and braces when I had to walk any significant distance.  After just two treatments on my right knee, I have noticed a huge improvement at least 75% over the pain and weakness I had just a few month before.  I decided to have the left knee treated today, also.  Since I have experienced such a dramatic change in every day movement and pain free nights.

Amy H., 3/2018

I had problems with my achilles.  I tried rest, various stretching, strength exercises and more rest.  All with no results.  I had four Prolotherapy treatments over a year and a half.  The swelling has disappeared and the pain is gone.  I hardly know which leg I had the problem in.

Mark J., 1/2018

I have been coming here for a year to treat my knee and plantar fasciitis.  I then started treating my other knee, other foot and both ankles.  I am finally able to walk long distances.  I have seen three other doctors before coming to Dr. Wheaton.  I am feeling thankful that my pain is coming to an end.

Renee, 10/2017

When I came to Dr. Wheaton I had experienced plantar fasciitis for 2 years.  I had been to TRIA and sports doctors at Park Nicollet with no relief.  I have experienced marked improvement with every treatment.  This will be my 5th treatment and I would say at this point I am back to 95% of where I was when I started.  I have been a long time runner and the inability to run was depressing.  Even more depressing was the fact that I was unable to hike or walk any distance at all really and unable to portage a canoe over even short rough terrain.  This morning I was able to do a 3 mile walk with very little pain in my heel.  I am elated at the improvement of my life style.  I feel finally I am back to my normal active self.

Joe L., 11/2016

This is my 4th Prolotherapy treatment on my ankle.  I don’t limp any more and I have less pain.

Kelly B., 10/2016

My Prolotherapy has been awesome!  Although I was skeptical at first, I am now a 100% believer in it.  So far so good.  Less pain and more stable.  Ankle surgery can wait!!

Steve M., 9/2016

I’ve had pain in the ball of my foot for over 5 years.  I’ve seen 2 general practitioner doctors and 3 podiatrists.  None of them could find the source of my problem. Orthotics only gave me some relief.  Since I found Dr. Wheaton and Prolotherapy, my pain has been greatly reduced.  I can now walk bare foot with only slight pain.  I just had my 4th treatment today and with one or two more treatments I believe I will be pain free!

Dan E., 4/2015

I came in 5 months ago because of the plantar fasciitis pain in my foot.  I had tried everything but nothing worked.  After the 4th treatment the pain is 95% gone.  I can walk, exercise, and get out of bed without pain.  I am a true believer in Prolotherapy.

Todd J., 9/2014

I broke my leg just above the ankle.  After I couldn’t walk and was treated for major nerve damage.  I was referred to Dr. Wheaton and after five treatments I was very impressed with all the improvement. I would say I’ve noticed about a ninety percent improvement.

Isaac H., 2/2019

I am a college athlete so its very important for me to be in tip top shape.  But I used to sprain my ankles all the time, like every season at least.  Since I started getting Prolotherapy, I’ve sprained them much less.  After the 3rd or 4th time of treatment, I haven’t seriously sprained either ankle since.  It has been one of the best ways that I’ve taken care of my body in college sports.

Jill M., 5/2018