Steph W. – Wrist

I had broken my wrist a couple of years ago.  The strength and range of motion was decreased.  After 2 or 3 treatments I feel no difference in the [...]

Steph W. – Wrist2017-09-16T17:40:34+00:00

Melissa V. – Thumb, wrist

I had over-extended my thumb and torn a tendon in my thumb/wrist.  The specialist said my only recourse was extensive surgery - removing bones, fusing bones, and re-routing tendons.  At [...]

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Caroline D. – Headaches, Thoracic spine, Wrist

During my pregnancy, I experienced horrible headaches, and had my carpal tunnel pain return.  Dr. Wheaton treated my neck and upper, thoracic spine three (3) times and my headaches disappeared! [...]

Caroline D. – Headaches, Thoracic spine, Wrist2017-09-08T15:28:39+00:00