Project Description

Prolotherapy is a unique, time-tested injection method used to treat chronic pain. It is defined by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary as “the rehabilitation of an incompetent structure, such as ligaments or tendons, by the induced proliferation of new cells.”  Persistent pain from previous injury, chronic overuse injury, or even when there is no known cause, often arises from damage to the soft tissues in the body. These soft tissues, which include ligaments, muscles, tendons and joint capsules, are also called “connective tissues” because they connect to bones, thereby supporting the bony skeleton. Prolotherapy causes these connections to be repaired, rebuilt and strengthened. It is for this reason that prolotherapy has also been called ligament reconstructive therapy or stimulated ligament repair.Soft tissue injuries can often become chronically painful. Normally, injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments go through a repair and healing process which takes about four to six weeks. But, what happens when the low back pain, neck pain, and headaches from a whiplash injury, just will not get better? Or, what about the athletic injury that causes nagging pain and prevents you from staying active, especially keeping you from the sport you enjoy the most? What about the pain where you cannot pinpoint a specific injury, but think it may be due to some repetitive tasks at work or from overdoing it while working around the home?

Specializing in chronic pain and sports medicine, Dr. Mark Wheaton has been in practice for over 14 years. He has developed an excellent reputation for providing the best of both traditional and natural treatment methods available for pain. While he is well-known in the prolotherapy community, he is also adept at many other techniques including neural therapy, electrotherapy and neurotransmitter therapy, all used to control pain and restore normal function.It is Dr. Wheaton’s treatment philosophy that patients be highly involved in their care. The better educated you are about your health, the more likely you will be to understand the process of healing and respond favorably to treatment. Therefore, he will take time to carefully explain your condition to you so that you can more fully understand the treatment options available to you.


  • Neck pain

  • Low back pain

  • Arthritis pain (joint “wear & tear”) –

    • The major cause of degenerative arthritis and chronic pain is joint instability which involve ligament injury. Injured ligaments need to be correctly treated in order to fully restore joint stability. Prolotherapy treats and rebuilds ligaments.   (Dr. Ross Hauser, Caring Medical)
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot and sacroiliac injury and pain

  • Tendinitis and other repetitive use injuries

  • Tension and migraine headaches

  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome
  • Postural strain of the neck and back
  • Overuse injuries such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis

  • Fibromyalgialgia and  myofascial pain
  • Rib cage strain and sprain
  • Muscle tightness, strain and spasm, and joint sprains
  • Herniated and degenerated discs in the neck and back
  • Pinched nerves and sciatica
  • Weak, loose and unstable joints (i.e.  hypermobility, subluxations separations, and dislocations)
  • Joint swelling and cysts
  • Sports or activity-related injuries, acute (new) and chronic (old)

Prolotherapy Heals Ligament and Tendon Injury, Joint Instability and Promotes Cartilage Regeneration

Chronic pain from joint instability involve strains and sprains to tendons and ligaments and resulting cartilage deterioration. Because ligaments and tendons generally have a poor blood supply, the body’s ability to repair these damaged connective tissues is compromised and the onset of osteoarthritis and joint degeneration begins.

This is where comprehensive Prolotherapy comes in – pain is coming from joint instability – joint instability is coming from weakened and damaged ligaments and tendons as well as deteriorated cartilage. Comprehensive Prolotherapy through a series of injections REBUILDS the joints from within.

1 – Dr. Ross Hauser, Caring Medical, Prolotherapy,