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Many of the subjective symptoms of pain, stiffness, and crunching sensations in those with TMJ dysfunction are greatly reduced with Prolotherapy. This article was shared on Caring Medical's Facebook page.

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Answer: Costs would increase. The single payer would try to limit spending with wage and price controls and possibly a global budget.

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Answer: $32 trillion over 10 years is one guess. Actually, it will devour every dollar that can be taken from taxpayers or creditors and diverted to the system.

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Answer: Whomever it pleases. Some money will trickle down to those who help patients, but 40% or more may be siphoned off en route.

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Answer: Younger and less experienced physicians, foreign physicians, subservient physicians, non-physicians—or possibly no one.

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“Pain related to joint dysfunction can be treated with joint fusion; this is a long-standing principle of musculoskeletal surgery. However, pain arising from the sacroiliac joint is difficult to diagnose. Several implant devices (fusion techniques) are available that promote fusion by simply crossing the joint space.

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Answer: If the condition is “covered,” it could be illegal for anyone other than the single payer to pay for treatment—so it will be unavailable.

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Answer: The federal government is the “single payer,” collecting money from taxpayers and creditors and distributing it through its agencies and contractors.