One-to-One Instruction

Over 17 years ago, Mark Wheaton, MD learned prolotherapy from one of the greatest prolotherapists, Dr. Gustav Hemwall.  From 1955 until his retirement in 1996, Dr. Hemwall became the main proponent of prolotherapy in the United States.  As a clinician, he treated 10,000 patients with prolotherapy, collecting data from 8,000 of these patients.  In 1974 he provided data from a trial involving 2000 patients which demonstrated that over 99% of patients that completed treatment found relief from their chronic pain.  Each year he taught a course to physicians anxious to learn this successful technique. Dr. Wheaton attended one of these courses, in October of 1996.

Since that time, Dr. Wheaton has also utilized this technique on thousands of patients and has established himself as a respected prolotherapist of this generation.  Proper instruction in this unique injection technique is the key to becoming a successful Prolotherapist.  Just because a physician is able to perform standard injection techniques does NOT mean they are prepared to start performing prolotherapy.  Knowledge of anatomy, injection technique, solutions used, and plenty of experience are crucial to success.

Dr. Wheaton believes that one-to-one instruction is the best way to learn prolotherapy so the course can be tailored to the individual, taking into account their knowledge base and experience.  A week-long course is recommended and may include:

- Review of Hackett, Hemwall, and Montgomery (5th edition) book, Ligament and Tendon Relaxation Treated By Prolotherapy

- The key elements of diagnosis to determine which patients are good prolotherapy candidates.

- One on one instruction from Dr. Wheaton

- Observation of Dr. Wheaton’s technique and skill with prolotherapy.

- Hands-on, volunteer patient training

We do offer various levels of training, depending on your experience and need. These levels are defined as:


Observe a week-long clinic to gain insight and expertise in how a prolotherapist assesses soft tissue injury and determines the need for prolotherapy.  Shadow Dr. Wheaton during prolotherapy treatments to glean injection techniques, from simple to advanced treatment areas.  Learn about his practice, including patient education, consent forms, and billing information.


Week-long interactive course, tailored to your level of expertise and experience.  One-on-one textbook instruction, complete with a short evaluation at the end of the course to demonstrate knowledge of the subject.  Observation and involvement in daily clinics, physical assessment of patients and in-depth explanation of prolotherapy techniques.  Exposure to a wide variety of conditions and patients at various stages of treatment.  Learn about insurance coding, billing procedures and liabilities.


All the substance of “Observational” and “In-Depth” training with additional hands-on experience treating prolotherapy patient volunteers under the guidance of Dr. Wheaton.