I have severe chronic pain from decades of rheumatoid arthritis. I tried conventional forms of pain treatments with different pain doctors. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the pain relief needed to help me function on a daily basis. Consequently, I have not been a ‘real’ fan of doctors until, by the grace of God, I met Dr. Wheaton.

We currently live at a time when the patient-doctor relationship is under threat because of insurance company requirements that have shortened the time allowed for doctors to spend with their patients. As a result, quality care has been sacrificed. This is not true with Dr. Wheaton. In addition to being genuinely interested in his patients, he spends the time that is needed to properly treat that pain condition.

From the first appointment, Dr. Wheaton exhibited genuine compassion and wisdom gained through years of effectively treating pain via the methods he uses: Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), electrotherapy, and neural therapy. Combine the treatments that LSPC offers with the compassionate guidance of Dr. Wheaton and the result is top quality medical care–as it should be.

J.H.H. / December 2017