I am so amazed and grateful for Dr. Mark.  I came to his office in Dec, 2014 to treat my neck for severe headaches.  I have had headaches and migraines for 30+ years.  My headaches were infrequent but when I had them, I was in pain.  Dr. Mark did one Prolotherapy session on both sides of my neck.  It is now 6 months later and my headaches disappeared to about 5% frequency.  I do get a headache when I eat certain foods or a glass of wine, but they are not as intense as they were before.  I wish I had come in sooner.  I am amazed at the difference.  Dr. Mark is a miracle worker.

I’ve had my ankle treated due to a broken bone.  I fell wile roller blading and broke my tibula and fibula – a clean break.  The doctors gave me surgery to install a titanium plate and screws.  I came to Dr. Mark and have had four injections.  My level of pain before the injections was a 5/10.  I wasn’t able to run a year after I broke my ankle because it was stiff and ached all the time.  I had physical therapy to relieve the symptoms but the pain would come back.  I decided to have Dr. Mark do Prolotherapy.  I have no more pain, or weakness and I’m able to run again.  I’ve run in 5k’s and working towards a half marathon.  Without Dr. Mark I would not have been able to run again.  I cam to Dr. Mark for a sprained ankle even before I went to urgent care.

My scars have healed with Dr. Wheaton’s neural injections.

Dr. Mark is my ‘go to’ person for all of my joint pain.

Cathy H.