When I first came to see Lakeside and Dr. Wheaton, what I really wanted was a shoulder replacement surgery! The bone-on-bone pain in my shoulder was THAT bad. Fortunately, my orthopedic surgeon recommended that I put off surgery as long as possible because at age 43 I had a good chance of out-living the shoulder replacement, but with my diagnosis of advanced osteoporosis-arthritis and life-altering shoulder pain, I needed to do something! I was opposed to cortisone injections and even using NSAIDs over the counter because I knew there were harmful side effects on the body’s systems.

Prolotherapy seemed like a long-shot to me, but other than the moderate cost and my dislike of needles, I could see no down side! After just 3 Prolotherapy treatments on my shoulder, I no longer have the bone-on-bone pain and my sleep is no longer interrupted by pain. I do still have some limitations in my range of motion, but the range I have is much more painless than it was before Prolotherapy.

In my case, I expect to need maintenance treatments over time to keep the joint health up and the pain down, but I am hopeful to put a replacement surgery off for a LONG time, and maybe I will never need it.

Thanks Dr. Wheaton and your wonderful team at Lakeside Sports & Pain Clinic!

Aaron H.