Heal & Repair Sports Injuries

By the use of regenerative methods Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), or Adult Stem Cells (Adipose Tissue or Bone Marrow) to avoid drugs and surgery.

Restore Neck, Back, & Joint Stability

Prolotherapy restores the structural support and strength of weak ligaments and tendons.

Relieve Chronic Pain

Years of chronic pain and arthritis can be eliminated by Prolotherapy, PRP and Adult Stem Cell therapies to avoid drugs and surgery.



All of our testimonials have been written by our patients in our comment book. Dr. Wheaton has a comment book for every year he has been practicing. These are just a few but you are welcome to read those books for yourself at any time while visiting Lakeside Sports and Pain Clinic. Hopefully you will be encouraged and have hope for a pain-free future!